Yellow Fruit Nightshade – A Roadside Plant that Fights Diseases

Botanically known as Solanum Xanthocarpum, Yellow Fruit Nightshade is a blessing in disguise. With utterly amazing health benefits, this plant can be used to amp up your health in no time. A great thing about this plant is that it’s drought-tolerant. This means it can grow with a minimal amount of water and is thus able to grow on the roadside and is available for everyone. You might know about a popular Ayurveda medicine consumed in the form of Kwath. It is Dashamoola and is one of the critical medicines. The concoction is made of ten different roots which are taken from ten different plants. Yellow Fruit Nightshade is one of the primary ingredients used in Dashamoola Kwath. The medicinal plant is also known as Kantakari by some people.

More About Kantakari (Yellow Fruit Nightshade)- the Ayurvedic Boon

A shrub that can grow on the roadsides, Yellow Fruit Nightshade is more commonly found in dry tropical and subtropical regions of India. These primarily include Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Haryana. The plant’s leaves, flowers, and fruits are all rich in antioxidants. You can find it anywhere around you or in ayurvedic stores. Its branches are zigzag and covered with (beware!) sharp spikes. Its flowers are about 2 cm long with around 5 petals in the purple color. It has a berry-like fruit, which is also known as wild eggplant.

More About Kantakari

7 Health Benefits of Yellow Fruit Nightshade

 1. Helps cures fever and cough

Kantakari is a gift for your respiratory system and can even help you fight a fever. It is enriched with antipyretic properties which help to lower the body temperature. Its antitussive properties help provide a soothing effect to the throat similar to any cough syrup and help reduce the irritation that causes the cough. Additionally, the compounds found in Yellow Fruit Nightshade are also great at clearing the lungs by helping to remove the excess mucus which may be a reason for wet cough.

2. Help treat dental infections

If you ever suffer from dental infections, then Kantakari is what you need against them. The fruits and seeds of the shrub help to cure such infections with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties.

 3. Helps purify the blood

With its antioxidants, Yellow Fruit Nightshade helps detoxify the bad elements in your bloodstream. This not only helps you have better skin and hair, but also makes you less vulnerable to diseases like Diabetes, PCOD, and those related to the heart. Detoxification is done by Solanum Xanthocarpum also helps the heart pump blood at the correct rate. Additionally, its hypoglycemic properties assist your body in keeping the blood pressure normal.

 4. Improves digestion

The seeds of the wild eggplant have amino acids, which help in the breaking down of food. This way, your body gets another hand to properly break down the food particles. Thus, helping improve digestion.

 5. Keeps Diabetes in control

Yellow Fruit Nightshade has magical chemical compounds that help to reduce blood glucose levels. Thus, keeping the production of insulin balanced. Once insulin is in control, your Diabetes will stay in control.

 6. Regularises menstruation

The powerful shrub – Kantakari is extensively rich in Flavonoids. These are a type of antioxidants that are great at flushing out toxins. They help get rid of the free radicals in the body, which are one of the main reasons for stress. Stress is a villain and can lead to irregular periods in women. Thus, Yellow Fruit Nightshade helps to regularise your menstruation cycle. Additionally, it reduces menstrual cramps as well.

 7. Helps against skin diseases

The leaves and fruits of Yellow Fruit Nightshade are rich in antihistamines. This compound helps to cure skin allergies to a great extent. The anti-inflammatory properties of the plant also help to reduce inflammation and swelling which can be the result of a wound or issue like acne.

 8. Assists in hair growth

You will be surprised to know that Kantakari oil or its leaf extracts are used to cure baldness as they help in hair growth. The plant can be used as a perfect remedy for hair damaged by pollution.

Solanum xanthocarpum

Medicinal Uses of Solanum xanthocarpum

The mighty plant – Yellow Fruit Nightshade has been used in medicine since traditional times.

  • It is used in cough syrups such as Diakof and Koflet.
  • You may find it in Chyawanprash as one of the main ingredients.
  • The fresh juice of its leaves can be massaged to the scalp to reduce dandruff.
  • When taken along with black pepper, Kantakari helps to reduce pain in the body and the joints.
  • The paste of the fruit helps to reduce the burning sensation in the feet.
  • A paste made of the root’s of the plant helps to treat snakebites.
  • A decoction made after boiling Kantakari leaves is used to treat coughs when taken with honey.
  • The smoke from cigarettes made with dried fruits of Kantakari helps to treat various dental infections.

Dosage fo Yellow Fruit

You can take up to 50 ml of Kantakari in the form of decoction per day. However, your ayurvedic doctor will be the best person to tell the right amount you may need. Clinical experts state that consuming 300 mg of Yellow Fruit Nightshade powder, three times per day helps to reduce bronchitis. It also helps to control asthma and other respiratory diseases. You can take the powder after meals. Take it with lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of honey if you despise its bitter taste. For easy consumption, it is available in the form of powder, juice, and tablets.


Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should consult a doctor before taking it. We also suggest heart patients and diabetics do the same.

Wrapping Up

Kantakari is rich in various medicinal properties. You must know about its qualities in order to take its full advantage for your health. Daily consumption of the Yellow Fruit Nightshade in a limited amount helps to boost the immune system to fight disease-causing microorganisms. Thus, helping you stay clear of diseases. Kantakari is one of the commonly found roadside plants with incredible benefits. Bless yourself and start using it today. Also, bring a bright shade to your loved ones by sharing this article with them. Let them unleash the potential of their health as well.


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Yellow Fruit Nightshade scientific name & Family Name

Scientific nameSolanum virginianum
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