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The Top 7 Universities For A Degree In Finance

The University Of Pennsylvania Wharton School Of Business

Number 7 on our list is the University of Pennsylvania because of its Wharton School of Business.

Wharton Is actually ranked number one in the world by US News & World Report. Established in 1881, Wharton is one of the oldest business school in the world.

Wharton is famous as one of the finest undergraduate business education in the world. With an acceptance rate of approximately 7%, it's apparent that Wharton only takes the best of the best.
Unlike many other economic programs at other undergraduate institutions, the Wharton school is focused on practical, and applicable real-world abilities.

For people who are searching for a job on Wall Street, usually, Wharton is one of their top choices, if not their top choice. Nearly half of all graduates go into a career in finance.

What's not as well-known actually has the largest marketing faculty of any business school in the world. Wharton has a considerable amount of thought leaders in the faculty who can educate you in either theoretical or practical marketing.

At Wharton, you will be learning both the theoretical concepts of economics and learning how to apply those concepts in a real-world business.

Some renowned alumni of Warren include Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google, Elon Musk, C.E.O. of both SpaceX and Tesla, and of course Warren Buffett, the world-famous billionaire hedge fund manager of Berkshire-Hathaway.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Since 1968 there have been 9 members of the Booth School of Business faculty, that have received the Nobel prize for their work. The Booth school also has a legendary Finance curriculum that covers both corporate finance and investing.

The best thing about the Booth School Of Business is that it is an incredibly self-directed flexible program. Most students get to design their own curriculum. It's an exceptionally flexible program.
Don't get me wrong, there are some core requirements. Don't think that you can just pick any course you want and they will give you a degree.

But even within that, you get to choose how you want to satisfy those requirements. That being said, the thing that stands out the most about this school is that self-directed curriculum.

Some notable alumni of the school include Eugene Fama the 2013 Nobel Laureate in economic Sciences widely recognized for his work regarding calculations on stock returns. Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft succeeding Steve Ballmer in 2014.

London School of Economics

Number 5 on our list is L.S.E. or the London School of Economics which as the name might suggest is in London and studies economics on other things.

L.S.E. is a school that focuses on business finance and economics

When you step on the LSU's campus it can seem like he found the village in the heart of London. Each housing facilities and services that will give you the best possible experience. The L.S.E. Campus is always evolving to meet the needs of the students.

The London School Of economics is an exciting place to be. The student body is made up of people from a huge range of backgrounds. You are likely to hear a different language and different discussions on every corner of campus.

L.S.E. is also located close to London Financial District which is a huge boon for students that attend, as they're able to work very closely with Financial Partners all over London.

Famous graduates of the London School of Economics are former president of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta and former prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. You may know his son Justin Trudeau who also became prime minister of Canada in 2015.

University of Oxford

Attending the University Of Oxford is an experience of a lifetime. It is traditional and historical but there's always something going on. It has a wonderful mix of both old and new. Oxford attracts only the best people. The Said Business School is a very crucial element of that.

The University of Oxford also located in the United Kingdom. Part of Oxford University is the Said Business school. This department of Oxford was named after prominent businessman and patron Wafic Saïd.

The Said school is particularly famous for its accounting researchers who published in the top accounting journals in the world. In addition, most of the students that attend Oxford is special because people come here to lead with purpose. every single person wishes to solve a problem in their own unique way.

In addition to their duties at this a business school, their world-class faculty also participates in other financial institutions around the world, including the Centre for Business Taxation.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Institute number 3 on our list is the Stanford Graduate School of Business located on Stanford campus in Palo Alto California.

The School of Business at Stanford offers several degrees including an M.B.A. and an MSX.
Executives looking to get more training and management in the middle of their careers can get an MSX degree, which is a one-year, full-time, accelerated business degree.

These programs for master's degrees are more for business people looking to get in, get skills, and get back out to the working world.

Sloan School of Business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sloan School of Business

Number two on our list is the Sloan School of Business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or M.I.T.

Sloan offers degrees at The Bachelors's, Master's, and Ph.D. levels as well as executive training. Sloan's MBA program is considered one of the most high-profile and competitive in the world. Students who are in the Sloan MBA program can also cross-register at the Harvard Business School This is the only partnership of its kind at this level.

What is extraordinary about this school is that more than any of the others, students have the ambition to learn and to convert that learning into impact in the world. They take their mission seriously. There is an overall sense of how do we as students, advance society?

At Sloan, you have a very high density of people that will aspire to change the world and make it a better place.

Harvard University

Number one on our list is Harvard University located in Cambridge Massachusetts. Harvard is on our list despite not having a finance or accounting undergraduate degree. Rather the star of this show is Harvard Business School.

Harvard is almost always ranked as the number one business school in the world. One of the most famous Harvard Business School programs is the 2 + 2 MBA degree. This degree is for students who have agreed to work in the real world for two years before entering Harvard Business School.

Students from Harvard almost always get exceptional salaries as soon as they graduate. Even six to eight years out they still have genuinely solid careers. Employers who hire M.B.A.s love Harvard University Graduates.

Harvard Business School is all about getting a great job getting a great career. That not only means making a lot of money but ending up in on a career path that you feel great about.

Notable Harvard Business School alumni include economics titan Michael Porter, Michael Bloomberg, and Facebook C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg.

So there is our list of the top 7 finance schools or universities. Comment below if you graduated from one of these prestigious schools or if you think that the school you went to, should be on this list.


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