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Beginner’s Guide: Know All About Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or planning to bring a little loved one to Earth, there’s is a lot about pregnancy that you should know. From symptoms that tell you that you are pregnant to how to ensure a healthy delivery. After all, it is not an easy phase to be in.
Also, taking care of yourself and your baby has to be your utmost priority during pregnancy. More knowledge about it can help you ease into this phase of bearing a child and move into, well, a lifetime adventure called parenthood.
This article covers the basics about pregnancy to help you give birth to a healthy little gem.

How to know if you have a baby on board?

Here are the basic symptoms that raise your chances of being pregnant. Thus, telling you to improve your knowledge about pregnancy and ease into this blissful phase of life.
  • Missed Periods
  • Tiredness
  • Food cravings
  • Frequent urination
  • Mood Swings
  • Heartburns
  • Sudden weight loss or Weight gain
  • White discharge
  • Morning sickness
  • Breast tenderness
  • Steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

    (1) Exercise

    Most days of the week, aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise but don't overdo it. Workouts can reduce stress, keep your weight under control and increase blood circulation in your body. Yoga, swimming, and walking are perfect activities for most pregnant women. Yet, ensure that your gynecologist knows and approves of your workout methods.

    (2) Consume Folate-Rich Products

    Folic acid is essential for the proper development of the baby's neural tube. It helps the formation of new red blood cells, thus avoiding chances of anaemia. The diet should, thus, have 5 or 6 well-balanced meals with plenty of folate-rich foods. These can be wheat germs, bananas, fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, etc.

    (3) Avoid Consuming Coffee

    In pregnancy, taking caffeine may have harmful effects on you and your baby. But, if you're used to your morning coffee, cutting it can be hard. Try to eat some fruit for a while. The natural fruit sugars can help to raise your energy levels. Thus, helping the same way coffee does.

    (4) Wear Sunscreen

    Another thing you need to know about pregnancy is that your skin becomes highly sensitive to sun rays during this phase. There are also chances for sunburn and chloasma. Apply a 30-plus SPF sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses whenever you go out. Most brands offer chemical-free formulations these days where you can go natural.

    (5) Practice Kegels Exercise

    Kegel exercises, if done correctly, will help make the delivery more relaxed and prevent bloody stools later. It also strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, protecting the bladder, intestines, and uterus. Don’t worry, it is easy to do and causes no harm. Yet, talking to your doctor before may relieve your worries about it.

    (6) Fulfil all your cravings

    Unreasonable craving at almost any time of the day is something everyone knows about pregnancy. Trying to avoid these cravings can be a difficult task. So as long as you eat a healthy diet it's usually okay to give in to your urges. But, be careful not to consume things like ice-cream in bulk quantity and also know which snacks to avoid.

    (7) Be Stress-free

    Taking care of your body is just half the job. Having a clear mind and checking your emotional stress when you're expecting a baby is the other half. Hence, vital.

    (8) Stay Clear of…

    For obvious reasons, it is important to stay away from smoking, drugs and alcohol. Also, try avoiding consumption of raw materials such as raw eggs and unpasteurized cheese.

    (9) Talk to your Gynaecologist

    Especially, if you are under any medication, make sure you speak to your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant. Also, you should talk to her regarding any queries you have about pregnancy. Be it your diet, exercise, pains or the changes in your body.

    5 changes you can expect while being pregnant.

    1. Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

    All the hormonal and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy are quite different. Pregnant women report fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone abruptly and significantly. One can also experience changes in a variety of other hormones. Such changes not only affect your mood but also affect your daily lifestyle.

    2. Taste and Smell Changes

    Throughout pregnancy, most women experience changes in the sense of taste. Generally, they prefer saltier foods and sweeter foods than women who are not pregnant. Some preferences of taste may vary by trimester. Although many women experience a dull sense of taste for a brief postpartum period. they regain full taste capacity in some time though, usually after pregnancy. During pregnancy, some women even develop a metallic taste in their mouth. Pregnant women sometimes report changes in their sense of smell as well. Others report about an increased sensitivity and perception of a variety of odours. Some consistent and reliable data indicates that pregnant women notice and recognize odours more than non-pregnant women.

    3. Changes in Breast

    During pregnancy, pregnant women experience several significant changes as your breasts prepare to provide the newborn baby with milk. The areola is often blurred by pregnancy hormones that cause skin pigmentation. As the breasts develop, pregnant women can feel tenderness or discomfort. Here comes the aspects that no women likes about pregnancy, darker veins and stretch marks that can develop with rapid growth of the breasts.

    4. The Cervical Changes

    From the day you get pregnant to the day of delivery, the cervix undergoes physical changes. The cervix develops a dense mucus plug for sealing off the uterus in early pregnancy. As the uterus prepares for labour, mucus streaked with a small amount of blood is normal. The cervix dilates substantially softens, and thins before delivery, allowing the baby to pass through the birth channel.

    5. Fainting and Dizziness

    Lying flat on the back will result in another type of dizziness. fainting or dizziness is common after 24 weeks into pregnancy. Especially, when you lie flat on the back. Lying flat on the back compresses the vein known as the vena cava, which carries blood from the lower body to the heart. The compression reduces blood flow to and from the heart, resulting in a sudden and dramatic drop in blood pressure. Thus causing dizziness or loss of awareness.

    Final Thoughts About Pregnancy

    For proper treatment and to know in detail about pregnancy, you should visit an experienced Gynaecologist. Being in Delhi, you can always visit our clinic for consultation. With 24+ years of experience in this field, I can tell you about proper diet, sleep, and other things that you must know about pregnancy. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today to ensure bringing a healthy baby to the world!


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