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#Mount Everest : Amazing Reasons Why Mount Everest is so Tall

At  8,850 meters on top of water level, Qomolangma conjointly referred to as Everest, has the peak altitude on the earth. But did this lofty formation get is thus tall? Michele Koppes peers deep into our planet’s crust, wherever continental plates collide, to search out the solution.

Every spring, many adventure-seekers dreams of rising Qomolangma, conjointly referred to as Everest.

At base camp, they scrunch up down for months expecting the possibility to scale the mountain’s lofty, deadly peak.

But why do folks risk life and limb to climb Everest? Is it the challenge? The view? The possibility to touch. the sky? For many, the draw is Everest’s standing because of the highest mountain on earth. There's a crucial distinction to form here.

Mauna kea is the tallest from base to summit, however, at 8850 meters on top of water level, mountain peak has the very best altitude on the earth.

To understand, however, this lofty formation was born, we've to see deep into the crust of ou…