18 Extravagant Benefits of Petha (With Uses and Side Effects)

Are you here to explore the numerous benefits of Petha? Well, be ready for a surprise! Petha or Ash Gourd benefits your health in more ways than you can imagine.

Also known by the names of wax gourd, winter melon, Chinese watermelon, and white pumpkin, you can find Petha all over South Asia. It is its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, along with the cooling effects that make it a boon to your health.

The sole reason for its magical abilities is the number of nutrients it has in extensive amounts. Read on to know the nutrition facts and later we will proceed with a giant list of Ash Gourd health benefits you ought to know!

Must-Know Ash Gourd Nutrition Facts

One of the primary benefits of Petha or Ash Gourd is the assistance it provides in breaking down nutrients and taking care of the energy supply in the body. This benefit is because almost 62% of Petha is Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).

Other than Vitamin B2, Ash Gourd is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium as well. These three contribute to taking care of your bones, teeth, and heart among a few other organs.

Small amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin C, iron, niacin, sodium, potassium, with vitamin A and E, make the rest of the Petha.

Additionally, Petha is also low in calories.

winter melon know as Ash gourd

18 Benefits of Petha You Cannot Miss!

Look out for the health issues you might have from this list as we tell you how Ash Gourd can get you out of trouble.

  1. Obesity

One of the best benefits of Petha is its assistance in weight loss. Because of its rich fiber content, Ash Gourd helps in digestion and does not promote the storage of fat. Also, the extensive amounts of flavonoids in Petha, help to detoxify the damaged cells in the body along with the unwanted fat.

It is also low in calories, so makes a great addition to your weight loss diet. Plus, it keeps cravings away by making you feel full for longer. That’s because it has great water content.

  1. Diabetes

While the sweet of Agra, the candied Petha, is not good for Diabetics, Ash Gourd as a vegetable is.

Vitamin C in Ash Gourd is full of antioxidants that are famous to be beneficial for Diabetics. Plus, its detoxifying properties help your body get rid of the toxic sugar present in the bloodstream. Thus, helping fight Diabetes.

  1. Peptic ulcer

There has been some research done on animals that proves that Ash Gourd helps cure peptic ulcers.

The extract of Petha when diluted is what makes it possible. You can make Ash Gourd juice and drink it daily in the morning to see the benefits yourself.

  1. Mental disorders

Petha is a natural sedative. Such properties of Ash Gourd help calm the nerves and the cells in the brain. Experts have found this vegetable to be useful for neurological diseases like epilepsy and seizures as well.

  1. Hyperacidity

Hyperacidity is when there is an excessive amount of acids present in your body. This happens because most food we eat is acidic. But Ash Gourd is alkaline. It can help balance the acid levels if taken daily in the form of juice. So, if you feel any burning sensation in your stomach or lungs, or maybe some itching all over your body, Petha juice is what you need.

  1. Hysteria

Hysteria is a state of insanity. It is when someone feels an outburst of emotions, which can be due to trauma or illness. Hysteria is not seen as a disease in medical books, rather a symptom. Ash Gourd, with its cooling abilities, is quite helpful to fight this. All you need to do is add some Mulethi to Ash Gourd juice and drink it every day.

  1. Tuberculosis

Petha balances the Pitta dosha – one of the 3 biological energies. It is necessary to balance Pitta in order to cure tuberculosis. The benefits of Petha for the liver make it one of the best natural remedies against TB.

  1. Piles

Want to cherish Ash Gourd’s benefits as a patient of piles? There’s a recipe, which includes mixing up some pulp of Petha with Terminalia Chebula (Harad) and a paste of sesame seeds and jaggery. Drinking this mixture with milk is likely to reduce bleeding and cure Piles.

  1. Sleep and stress disorders

If you have insomnia, Ash Gourd can be your savior. It is cool in nature. This means it can help calm your mind by reducing the activity of neurotransmitters and make you sleep. Because of the same calming properties, it helps to reduce stress as well. You must know that sleep problems can also be because of the imbalance of the Pitta dosha. You might remember, Ash Gourd helps to balance that.

  1. Jaundice

Petha leaves contain cucurbitacins. These compounds help to improve the strength of the liver. Plus, improves its functions and also the immune system of the body. The simple remedy that can help you cure jaundice involves crushing the leaves of Ash Gourd with coriander seeds. You have to eat this mixture twice a day until you see results.

  1. Joint and muscle pain

If you suffer from diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle pain, fractures, or gout, Ash Gourd is a powerful natural remedy for you. That’s because the vegetable is rich in calcium and phosphorus along with magnesium, which makes it great for increasing bone mass. Its anti-inflammatory properties help you get rid of muscle and joint pain as well.

  1. Hair loss

Gel made from the pulp of Petha, when applied on your scalp helps you get rid of bald spots. Ash Gourd increases blood circulation. So, when you massage its gel on your scalp, the blood will flow towards it and nourish it by providing all nutrients and minerals required for hair growth. The high carotene content in the gel of Ash Gourd is also great for making your hair stronger and smoother.

  1. Thyroid

Ash Gourd is rich in iodine content and zinc. Both of these minerals contribute to balancing the increased thyroid hormone levels. So, if your thyroid levels keep fluctuating and you have hyperthyroidism, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of Petha.

  1. Immunity

Some compounds found in Ash Gourd, especially the vitamin c, is famous for increasing immunity. That’s because these compounds are rich in flavonoids and catechins. They tend to help your body get rid of damaged cells and keep the health of the other cells intact. This overall increases your body’s ability to fight diseases.

  1. Digestion

Ash Gourd is rich in fiber, which helps ease your belly by relieving constipation, cramping, and bloating. It is incredible to induce bowel movements, too, due to its laxative properties.

  1. Lung function

One of the remarkable benefits of Petha is its ability to clean the respiratory tract and help you breathe better. Thus, improving your lung function. Ash Gourd makes this possible with its expectorant properties. An expectorant helps loosen the excessive amount of mucus or phlegm in your tract.

  1. Heart function

The benefits of Petha are immense for the heart. Firstly, it is low in calories and cholesterol, which means fewer chances of blockages in the arteries. Such blockages often lead to heart attacks. Secondly, Petha improves the circulation of blood, thus making your heart pump easily.

  1. Skin health

Another awesome one in this list of benefits of Petha is its ability to pamper your skin and improve its health. The vitamin E in Ash Gourd helps to moisturize your skin and is also beneficial against rashes and sunburns. Additionally, the leaves of Petha have astringent qualities. These are quite efficient to reduce boils and keep you away from fungal skin infections and allergies.

How to Consume Ash Gourd the Right Way?

The best way to avail Ash Gourd benefits to the utmost extent is by consuming it in the form of juice. You can also use it by adding Petha cubes to your soups and vegetables. You can bake it or fry it and even add it raw in your salads. Some people boil cubes of the vegetable and then eat it to get the benefits of Petha.

You already know how you can use it as Petha – the sweet candy from Agra. Apart from that, you can also use it in ice creams, cakes, ketchup, and jam. Keep in mind that these forms are not so great in extracting the Ash Gourd health benefits for you.

Petha juice recipe

How to Make Ash Gourd Juice?

We have been talking a lot about taking Ash Gourd in the form of juice. Here’s how we can make it.

  1. Peel the Ash Gourd properly.
  2. Cut it into small pieces.
  3. Blend these chunks of Ash Gourd.
  4. Add in some Mint or Mulethi powder to the pieces before blending in order to enhance its goodness. Remember, this step is optional.
  5. After blending, check the consistency.
  6. If the blend is too thick, add in some water to make it good enough for juice.
  7. Strain it using a cotton cloth or a regular strainer into a cup.

There you go. Get ready for enjoying all the Ash Gourd juice benefits you can!

Are There Any Ash Gourd Juice Side Effects?

Yes! Just like any other thing on earth, Ash Gourd, too, has its list of negatives apart from the positives we just discussed. But Ash Gourd juice side effects harm only selective people. Check out the following situations when Ash Gourd may be harmful to you.

  • Ash Gourd juice may cause infections if you make it from old Petha. So, always try to find the fresh stock.
  • You might not be able to avail the Ash Gourd health benefits if you consume it in large amounts. While one cup of juice is enough to get the best of benefits, some people go overboard and drink 2-3 cups a day to cure themselves faster. In such a case, it may cause more toxicity in your body by accumulating metallic elements while trying to heal it. That’s because Ash Gourd has extensive amounts of minerals.
  • People with severe fever must not take Ash Gourd juice as it may obstruct the natural healing process of the body.
  • It increases Kapha. So, people with cold and bronchitis may find Petha increasing their troubles.

Petha juice recipe

Summing Up

Now you know the spectacular Ash Gourd health benefits with its nutrition facts. You also know how you can include Petha in your diet to embrace and cherish its goodness. Make sure you keep a check on the side effects of this vegetable while making use of it.

Ash Gourd is an oblong-shaped vegetable, heavy inbuilt and slightly green or ash in color. It can not only help you fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity but also helps you improve other health conditions. From your liver to kidney, skin to hair, every organ of your body can enjoy the benefits of Petha.

Which of the listed Ash Gourd benefits do you need for your health? Drop it in the comments below.

Also, let us know if you want any recipes for delicious food made from Petha.

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